We also offer other services tied to the digital marketing field, complementary to our main services.

Shoppable video

Videos are a costantly increasing way to access contents, reason why they are always under the developers' scrutiny. Making an interactive video is the fastest way to go from the customer's first approach to the product, to the moment they actually buy it.

In Asia this kind of technology is already up and running and pretty widespread, to the point that are now necessary hours-long live streaming with experts.

In the West, giants like Amazon have already launched live ecommerce platforms that allow to purchase products directly from live interactive videos.

After a long research for the right technologies and the best tools to use, today we can offer this type of technological support for your products.

Influencer marketing

The influencer marketing sectors is often linked to digital marketing, but using it without a strategy could turn out to be useless and, in some cases, counter-productive.

Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool for accessing other markets, especially the Asian ones, where the concept of trust between influencer and consumers is fundamental.

In China, influencer marketing can reach its maximum efficiency where Key Opinion Leader (KOL) manage to sell thousands of dollars worth of products.

We integrate this tool in your strategy, in order to reach the desired goal in synergy with the various other tactics adopted.