We help companies across different sector to find the brand that better suits them

Strong brands inspire, engage and add value to consumers. Licensing a competitive brand gives a company access to immense marketing power and a solid foundation when launching a new product, service or category. Ohlive deals with high-level brand licensing and brand management with the aim of enriching the value of brands and finding the most useful licence for the company's purposes through licensing, strategic partnerships - exploiting, for example, the potential of influencer marketing - and other brand extension opportunities.


For licensors, the goal is to find opportunities that will extend clients' brand equity into new product categories to maximise their licensing potential. For licensees, we assist manufacturers in acquiring brands and developing strong licensing programmes to create successful, long-term retail licences. In this area, Ohlive has contacts with a number of high-profile brands, including Mondadori, Endemol, Viacom, Rainbow, Lucci™, Xento.

This is closely linked to the digital world and, in particular, digital marketing. Thanks to digital marketing, we have access to a wealth of information and data that is essential for developing marketing strategies, with a focus on licensing. Ohlive understands the importance of intellectual property as a decisive factor of competitive advantage: that is why we support our clients in using licensing as a strategic marketing tool to increase the value of their business.